via Daily Prompt: Culture

Does it define us? Yes. Does it have a specific colour? No.

Culture is a way of expressing and belonging to something. There’s culture from different countries, there’s modern culture, there’s many types of culture. It’s history and that history morphs us into who we are.

You could be born in England and have a different skin colour. It still is your culture. There is no colour when it comes to culture.

Each person has a different culture no matter how you were raised. Your heritage may be originally from Africa but you were born in Europe or your heritage may be from Asia and you were born in Africa. The culture we were raised with and the influences around us have an impact on culture. It makes it unique. You can be raised with the same culture as your parents and cousins and your culture can still be different. This is because passion and influences become part of culture. It’s constantly changing but the foundation of it is always there.

Each person has similar cultures. Whether its because of parents or influences, there’s always a similarity but that doesn’t mean culture isn’t unique. Sharing is a part of the uniqueness of culture. Each culture is as important as the next. It brings us closer together.

What’s my culture? It’s a mix of everything: tradition, religion, my country, photography, writing and the books I’ve read. It’s what makes me different.


Leave a comment below and let me know what you think and what your culture is. Feel free to let me know how to better my blog and what you’d like to see more of. I’ve been working on a few posts and they’re taking longer than expected but they’ll be out soon so if you’re interested in photography and short stories follow my blog. 


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