Elegance of Nature Photography

via Daily Prompt: Elegant

Nature photography. It’s one thing that’ll always be elegant. It exudes beauty, grace and peace. That’s what makes it so elegant.

Photography freezes a moment. One click can make a gushing waterfall elegant because it freezes a moment and allows the small details that are rarely noticed to look beautiful. It allows us to feel serene and fearless. If someone was at the top of a waterfall, they wouldn’t dare touch it in case the current is strong because it could whisk them away. The fear of falling takes over the joy and admiration of the beauty. If they saw a picture from the top of the waterfall, the details would stand out more and they’d notice things they wouldn’t have seen before. True beauty can be noticed through a picture. This is where elegance comes in.


The serenity of this picture makes it elegant. The undisturbed water looks fragile, the hippo sleeping looks peaceful and the evening sky makes the scene even more gentle.


Elegance to me is something that gives a happy, tranquil feeling. If it makes you calm and feel peaceful, to me it’s counted as elegance. The beauty of a picture is that it’s still, frozen, untouched. When you look at a picture the calmness makes it look and feel gentle. That gentleness associates with elegance.

The cool tones of these pictures also creates a tranquility that makes it elegant. Elegance should make you feel something; something happy and calm, peace and appreciation, wonder and passion.

As long as and image makes you feel emotions in a serene way, it’s counted as elegant to me.



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